Idea hub is our way of supporting young creative minds with solutions to environmental challenges. Are you that person? Share your idea with us and get the support or financial aid you need to make it work.





The Ngoteya Wild Idea hub aims to provide relatively small levels of funding for media projects in different disciplines with clear conservation value. This funding program is open to individuals based in Tanzania for both marine and terrestrial projects.

Small grants will be awarded up to a maximum of 2,000,000 Tsh. Both successful and unsuccessful applicants are welcome to apply again 12 months after submission.

Eligible projects will have clear conservation value and be based in Tanzania. Preference will go to projects in relation to Climate change and Conservation Education.

For successful grants, Ngoteya Wild will make sure they have the necessary equipment to see their projects come to lifez 

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Profits that we get from our work are used to fund various campaigns including these conservation and education projects.