Ngoteya Wild is an independent team of creative minds who are passionate and dedicated to telling beautiful nature stories. We are based in Tanzania and specialise on all aspects of the production process, including pre - production and research, production and post production for both film and photography.


"As a landscape restoration organization with a big African regreening mission we want to show the ‘world’ that it is possible to turn dry land into green fertile land again. Ngoteya Wild never disappoints us with providing the ‘evidence’ of our regreening work! The team is very professional, skilled, flexible and enthusiastic in capturing our projects via multiple techniques ranging from fixed point photography to thermal imaging to filming assignments.”

Margot Frederiks , Project Manager at Justdiggit

Ngoteya-wild - true partners in conservation! The team has done a wonderful job in documenting our marine work with coastal communities in Zanzibar and Tanga. They are highly professional, a pleasure to work with and the product is superb. I could not recommend a more committed Tanzanian company to work with.

Lorna Slade ,Founder and Technical Advisor, Mwambao coastal community Network.

As an Organization that extensively focuses on sustainable management of natural resources & restoration of degraded lands, creating awareness on environmental issues and leadership. The amazing Ngoteya Wild professionals take us to a new level by helping us to inform the greater public at large by providing us with visual evidence of how the regreening of an area takes place and the importance of it thus bringing regreening hope in a way that is aesthetically appealing and compelling.

Godlove Kihupi ,Communication officer at Lead Foundation

Working with Ngoteya Wild was a great experience. Both an entertaining and informative trip. As our trip consisted a lot of waiting, repetitive shots to be taken, early mornings and late nights. They were very flexible, understanding and patient. Their photography and film skills are unrivaled, as they managed to get perfect angles and timing in order to get the right shot that was being asked for. Overall working with Ngoteya Wild was a magnificent and we would not think twice about working with them again.

Kenji Omori ,Director at NHK Japan