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In The Zanzibar Red Colobus monkey swings in Jozani Chwaka Bay’s trees, the Hawksbi l Turtle lays her eggs on Mnemba’s shores and the Pemba Scops Owl roosts in its namesake’s undergrowth. But how many tourists know they’re there? Zanzibar is world renowned for its beaches but we overlook its unique biodiversity. Aside from its white sand and crystal waters, this archipelago hosts some of the most precious ecology on the planet. Just peer closer into its coastal rag forests, coral reefs and mangroves, and you’ l find a host of endemic species…which are increasingly endangered. Because as hotels multiply, their homes are at risk. Imagine a Zanzibar where protecting habitats was a priority. Tourism could sustain, communities could benefit, and the natural face of Zanzibar could flourish rather than fade. Across 5 episodes, Life On An Island will put the endemic species of Zanzibar in the spotlight and share how we can prioritise their survival.


As A tantalising tour of the lesser-seen Zanzibar. Serene nesting beaches, coral rag forests which have spent mi lions of years establishing their flora and fauna, carbon-drinking mangroves and underwater meadows of seagrass. These are home to the archipelago’s endemic species, which play vital roles in regenerating forests, a lowing sea beds to breathe and balancing Zanzibar’s ecology. Picture these wild spaces next to Zanzibar’s tourist-strewn beaches, sprawling bars and high rise hotels. It’s a jarring image. How can we marry urban expansion with ecological conservation, without costing endemic species their survival? By getting Zanzibar’s crowds to care about conservation, their holidays can stay postcard perfect, while protecting Zanzibar’s natural kingdom and communities


Ngoteya Wild is an independent team of creative minds who are passionate and dedicated to telling beautiful nature stories. We are based in Tanzania and specialise on all aspects of the production process, including pre – production and research, production and post production for both film and photography.


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