Training Day

Watching a mother in the wild looking after their youngster, makes our human effort seem a breeze! One morning a mama cheetah with her 22 months old cub cruised silently through the plains. Almost immediately they picked up a herd of grazing gazelles. Her cub took the lead and started stalking towards the Gazelle. Without a moment of hesitation, the mother cheetah also quickly went into a stalking motion.They all displayed a moment of action, and right away, the gazelles picked up a sign of a moving predator, and sploshed on to the plains. Once they were sufficiently out of range, they stopped and made a wide turn in the opposite direction looking at the direction of the cheetahs. The cub and her mother who was following behind ended up on a termite mound looking at the lucky gazelles. I right away realized this mother cheetah is

coaching her son to hunt. By the time he is old enough and independent, it’s usually at the age of

24 months and more. He has to be trained enough to look after himself.


This photo was taken in Serengeti national park by Dulla Fardy.

Price: 800,000 TZS


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