The Soul Of Saadani

It has been 12 years ever since Saadani has been gazetted as a National park. At first, Saadani was a game reserve and it struggled to maintain and sustain the resources such as the mangrove

forest which was overwhelmed and exploited by the community adjacent to the reserve. I am thrilled to be one of the witnesses of the great positive changes in the Saadani ecosystem. Ever since converted into a national park, it has managed to restore and protect the mangrove forest making it a biodiversity hotspot. As the Wami river passes through the southern part of the park, it provides shelter and a rich habitat for the hundreds of species that depend on the Saadani National Park ecosystem. Furthermore, it’s the only wildlife sanctuary in East Africa to boast an Indian Ocean Beachfront.


Photo taken in Saadani National Park by Eliya Lawrence Uzia.

Price: 500, 000 TZS


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