The Crowned Crane

The Crowned Crane is a strikingly beautiful bird, adorned with a crown of golden feathers atop its head, and a palette of vivid colors that make it truly captivating to behold. Its feathers are a tapestry of rich earth tones, ranging from deep chestnut brown to pale beige, with intricate patterns that resemble an artist’s brushstrokes. The crane’s wings are a dazzling display of black and white, with bold stripes and polka dots that add to its visual appeal. But it’s the crane’s regal crown that truly sets it apart, a brilliant fan of golden feathers that glows like a halo in the sunlight. Whether in flight or on the ground, the Crowned Crane is a true marvel of nature, a living work of art that never fails to enchant and inspire


Photo taken by Dulla Fardy at Ruaha National Park

Price: 800, 000 TZS


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