Primus the Legendary Alpha

The reigns of power & alpha male status in chimpanzees communities is always in a constant prospect of change whenever juveniles and adolescents reach their prime time, turning into ferocious warriors with unmatched lust for power. No one understands the strength of the uprising youth more than Primus. Despite his wisdom in managing chimpanzees politics, spectacular power & ultimate fighting abilities that made him a force to be reckoned with. The younger males still caught up with him, forcing him to resign after holding his turf since 2012 to 2019 Primus might have lost his alpha male status after the takeover but he has not lost his dominant presence. He might not be the notorious warrior he once was yet he makes up for it in his wisdom and knowing when to pick his battles. He is still one among the higher ranked males in the Mimikire group coalition.


Photo taken in Mahale National Park by Edger Edward Msyani


Price: 1,000,000 TZS


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