Leopard and Elephant photo

“Normally I go for early morning game drives because I feel they are very special and productive.

That morning I drove to a marsh area in Ndutu and we saw this dead elephant. But I was surprised

about its death. For the first time I thought it was natural death or sickness and then we left and

went back to camp. In the evening after the sun cooled down we drove straight there expecting

hyenas jackals and vultures. But surprisingly there was that leopard on top of an elephant carcass.

It was amazing to see how the leopard was struggling to open that carcass . I was very excited and

I took too many photos because I knew how hard it takes to see such a sighting. We drove back

to the camp when we were very happy for a productive day just to get the news that the elephant

had died with plastics. This unfortunately is the sad outcome of careless disposal of wastes by

people in the wild. kept all the photos in memory of that elephant and photos that give a lesson

and raise awareness about environmental and conservation issues”.


Photo taken in Ndutu Conservation Area by  Emmanuel Qamara

Price: 800, 000 TZS


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