Re-greening Our Heritage Lands

The re-greening program in Tanzania by LEAD Foundation and @justdiggit goes beyond fighting against climate change: it is about making people mindful to connect again to nature. To think about how to combine agricultural and daily life activities with nature. It is about changing mindsets so that more sustainable human behaviour can be achieved. When do we live a sustainable life? When it is done out of the heart… With passion and compassion. When we are aware and we feel what is needed to be done because we are connected with nature. Very important is that Justdiggit projects give ownership to local communities in the project. Because in the end, they make the change. They can choose how they respond to challenges. It is important to make people aware about their responsibility and capability.


Photo taken by Edger Edward Msyani at Dodoma


Price: 500, 000 TZS


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