Faru Rajabu

“I am still not getting enough and can’t forget the day that I first saw a rhino and got an opportunity to photograph some of its behaviors, both of them in one capture. I remember having a photographing session with Afrisos team in serengeti during the wildlife mentorship program and it was only the rhino missing from the plenty of the beautiful pictures that we took

that day for the big five that we were aiming for. Like how they say it “Early bird catches the worm”, we decided to get along on a very early morning for it at Moru area in Serengeti for the session, little did we know, we were lucky enough to get to meet the famous rhino of all

“Faru Rajabu” similar to my name Rajabu H Mazee, I was so happy with every moment I spent with Faru Rajabu, I remember getting some jokes from the guider and friends about photographing the rhino that we share the same name, happy photographing Faru Rajabu

happy seeing a rhino for the first time. Thanking everyone who gave their efforts for conservation and protection of nature because of that helped me create beautiful memories with Faru Rajabu and it’s really important to support different conservation projects, protect the wilderness for the present and future generations”


Photo taken in Serengeti National park by Kingstone Mazee.


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