Cheetah photo

“One evening I was in a game drive from Ndutu towards southern Serengeti and in between there were big herds of wildebeest running and we stopped and scanned and we saw this mother cheetah with three little cubs. I drove a bit close to see she was running. It was a-bit confusing for me and my guest. We were surprised that she was running from the vehicle, was it because of the young cubs? No one had an answer, but 5 minutes later we saw two male lions behind us and she was trying to keep her distance from the male lions, not from us. You can see the straight and serious look from mother and the cubs look very curious and not relaxed at all. And all this battle between the cats is because the area is too small for them to lead a confrontation. Only the strongest survive. Nature can be beautiful and at the same time it can be brutal”.


Photo taken in Serengeti National park by Emmanuel Qamara.

Price: 500. 000 TZS


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