about the film

You have heard of wheat farmers, rice farmers, and even avocado farmers. Well, what about butterfly farmers? Yes, such a thing does exist, and this is a story about butterfly farmers in East Africa and finding out what they are doing and why.
In the last 20 years, several butterfly centers have been set up in East Africa. These centers aim to show off these fantastic insects, help local communities, and support their survival. Either for export or tourism, these centers earn revenue, and money goes to local communities too. The income helps communities live with the trees and forests that the butterflies need. They also raise wider awareness and understanding. Local farmers are trained to catch butterflies, raise the caterpillars, and care for their pupae.


Butterflies are iconic invertebrates with fascinating life cycles. With around 19,000 species worldwide and about 1583 species occurring in Tanzania. They are very important to their natural habitats, because they are important pollinators, second only to bees and wasps, when feeding on plant nectar. Besides being a beautiful component of biodiversity they are an indicator of environmental health and change. During their life, butterflies need three basic things – host plants
for the larvae, nectar plants for adults, and a healthy environment without chemicals.


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